The Importance of Self-Care for Introverts

Katie Corbett holds the book "The Introvert Entrepreneur"

By Katie Corbett


In a world that heavily values extroversion, it can be easy to keep saying yes to people and attending social events because you feel like you have to. I fell into this harmful pattern during a two-year time period when I was between jobs. I thought that since I wasn’t working during the day, I would now have time for all the social events I could possibly attend. I quickly learned that I needed time to recharge.  I used to let myself get so busy that I didn’t make time to care for myself. It would result in me being forced to stay home for at least one night because my body demanded a recharge after having done an activity several nights in a row.


In “The Introvert Entrepreneur,” by Beth Buelow, the importance is noted of taking care of yourself, especially if you know you will need to be social. Here are some fun things I do that help me relax.


  • I enjoy reading.
  • I have fun solving Sudoku puzzles.
  • I like to play guitar.
  • I enjoy spending time with one or two friends.
  • I spend time out in nature.
  • I like to bake and then share treats with my friends.
  • I enjoy gardening.
  • I like sitting quietly and sipping a cup of tea.
  • I like talking on the phone.
  • I enjoy taking classes and learning new things.


Each of these interests developed over time. It’s important to do what you enjoy. If you are taking time to recharge, you will be a better business owner, job-seeker, and overall person.


I encourage you to find creative ways to take care of yourself. I’d love to hear about your favorite self-care pastimes. Feel free to drop them in the comments.


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