Qualities of an Ideal Boss

Katie Corbett headshot

By Katie Corbett

This week, I have been thinking a lot about leadership. I have realized that as I’ve gotten older, it is easier for me to be led by people who have personality types that I had found difficult to work with in the past. I think this is because I have thought a lot about the qualities that make a supervisor ideal for me, and I will not work for someone unless they display those qualities. For me, they are:


• Self-aware: I enjoy working for people who are aware of not only their strengths, but the areas in which they need to grow.

• Motivated: I work best under people who are motivated to see a project through to the end.

• Goal oriented: I work really well under people who know what needs to be done and have goals and benchmarks set to get us there.

• Vulnerable: I excel under people who can be vulnerable, and who can allow others to be vulnerable, about their failings, feelings, and frustrations.

• Encouraging: I perform my best under people who are encouraging and supportive.


I encourage you to think about the qualities that make an ideal supervisor for you. In order to make that list, are there some examples you can point to in your life of people who can lead well?

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