All About Journaling

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By Katie Corbett


when I am struggling to work through challenging emotions or flush out broad ideas, I find it helpful to do some journaling. I turn to many places for prompts and questions to get the thoughts flowing.


Books exist that have questions and journal prompts. A quick Google search will turn up many of these.


I like to reflect on and write about questions people have asked me. One time, I wrote a poem comprised of questions people have asked me about being blind. It was interesting to compile my thoughts and to see this list written out on paper.


another area I explore for journaling purposes is my own mind. Many of us have questions that float around in the back of our minds and we don’t always take time to answer them. Thinking about these questions, and writing my answers and thoughts down, has helped me process these bigger questions.


What is your outlet for challenging emotions and thought-provoking questions? Do you journal? Do you do anything else that helps you get the thoughts out of your head? I would love to know, so feel free to leave a comment.


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