Getting Back to The Basics

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By Katie Corbett


During this time of transition between jobs for me, I have been getting back to the basics of what I enjoy. It has been very freeing, giving myself permission to let go of the things that no longer serve me, or that I no longer want to do.


I have found it helpful to think about what I have enjoyed doing during times of happiness and fulfillment. This has assisted me in figuring out what I want to keep, and what has to go. I have also thought a lot about what I turned to when things are stressful. Often times, it is the same as the thing I enjoy when I am most happy.


For me, that hobby is reading. I enjoy reading fiction books, as well as looking for new books to read. I also really like to talk about books with friends. As a result, I have continued to read throughout this time, and I have joined a book club.


What do you enjoy doing when you are at your happiest? What things keep you afloat when tough times arise? I would love to know, so feel free to leave a comment.


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Why I Read: Finding Fun in Fiction

Katie Corbett holds the book "The Hobbit"

By Katie Corbett


I read a lot. Business books are fun and good, and I also enjoy curling up with a fiction book. Reading fiction is advice that one of my favorite authors, Tim Ferriss, gives a lot in his book, “The 4-Hour Workweek.” I have found his advice helpful on many levels.


I first read “The Hobbit,” by J. R. R. Tolkien because my mom said it was a fun book. As I grew, I started picking out books of my own to read. Here are some benefits I’ve gotten through enjoying a good story.


  • I can live vicariously through others.
  • I learn about ways to persevere, and also how it looks to give up.
  • I can sit back, relax, and not think so much about my own life.
  • I can learn new words and turns of phrase, which helps me become a better writer.
  • Reading book jacket blurbs and then reading the accompanying book gives me marketing perspective.
  • I can read anywhere.
  • Books give me a way to start conversations with others.
  • I can read about different people and decide what kind of person I want to be.
  • I love learning about how worlds are built and how authors get their ideas.
  • Reading is the one hobby I’ve never gotten tired of doing.


Do you love to read? If so, what have been some of your favorite books this year? If not, what hobbies do you enjoy?


If you’re not sure what hobby you want to try next, consider picking up a few new hobbies and see what sticks. Have you been curious about knitting, think you might like to try kayaking, or want to learn how to bake an amazing soufflé? Give it a try. This time next year, you’ll be glad you did.


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The Best Time of Day for Hobbies

Katie Corbett holds the book "When"

By Katie Corbett

While my husband and I were in the process of putting our condo on the market to sell, I wanted to make sure I had enough fun in my life to combat the stress of this venture. I did this by doing a new hobby each day. I wanted to guarantee I made time for this project, so I determined the best time of day when my brain would be most ready for fun.

I consulted, “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” by Daniel H. Pink. In the book, the author explained that the brain was most capable of creative and fun pursuits in the afternoons and evenings. During that time, I made sure to try something new. Some of the activities I enjoyed were:

• Learning to use the Cranmer Abacus, a device people who are blind can use to do math.
• Solving sudoku, logic and word puzzles.
• Doing crossword puzzles using either braille or an accessible crossword gaming program on the computer.
• Cooking during my lunchbreak at work.
• Baking a cake using all paleo ingredients.
• Going on a waterfall hunt.
• Birding and apple picking.
• Playing guitar.
• Writing poetry.
• Studying astronomy.

One might ask, “That’s great, Katie, but how did you come up with so many varied and unique hobbies to try?” Well, I created a spreadsheet listing all the hobbies I wanted to try and areas of life I wanted to learn more about. I chose the items I was most interested in pursuing, and wrote them down on index cards. On each card, I wrote down what doing the hobby would look like, such as reading for an hour and a half or solving one sudoku to completion. That way, if I got bored or couldn’t think of a hobby to try, I could draw a card and add some spontaneity into the project. I made a rule that I could not repeat a hobby more than once within each seven day period. To track my progress, I made a notebook listing each day of the week on a separate line, and wrote down on that line what fun activity I did that day.

If you are looking for more amusement in your life, I encourage you to take an afternoon or two and try some new hobbies. Any time after 4 p.m. will do. Tell me in the comments what kinds of activities you find you enjoy. Explore and have fun!

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