What is Your Vision for Your Latest Creative Project?

By Katie Corbett

I decided to blog about my latest creative project (my novel) because I want to use this opportunity to brainstorm a little bit. It can be fun to move away from writing serious posts about deep life things, and think a little more about something fun and creative.

I envision my novel expanding into a series. My novel is about a pac of werewolves, and there are five members in the pack, so I would like to write a book from each of their perspectives. The first book in my novel is from the point of you of the pack Alpha. I think, for the subsequent books, I will write from the point of view of each of the other members. I am even playing with the idea of having each book be written in a different genre, but we will see. That is probably quite controversial, so I will get some feedback from my writer friends before making a firm decision.

I also see this book being made into a movie. It would be really cool to do some creative things with that, since one of my characters is blind, and another one experience is impulse control issues because she is a psychopath. I would love to find a creative Director who is interested in Exhibiting each of these characteristics in a fun way, so the audience can experience a little of what life might be like in that person’s shoes.

Are you working on any creative projects right now? What is your vision for your latest project? Is your vision as simple as getting started? I would love to find out, so feel free to leave me a comment.

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