What Would Be an Extreme Scenario of Failure?

By Katie Corbett

I found this question, “What would nbe an extreme scenario of failure?” in an app I use for inspiration. I’ve thought a bit about failure this week because I got a new puppy. Due to this additional responsibility, I’ve needed to let a lot of other things slide.

I think that rather than feeling like I’m failing just because I can’t keep up with all of my commitments, I’m going to choose to see the failure as not living my life to the fullest. I realize this seems cliche, but I found this comforting as I’m changing a huge part of my life.

For instance, if I didn’t get my puppy because I felt I needed to do many other things that others felt were important, that would be failing. I know that balance will come in time as I get used to this level of time commitment and responsibility.

What would be an extreme scenario of failure for you? Let me know in the comments.

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