Feeling Overwhelmed? Take a Break

By Katie Corbett


When overwhelm starts to occur, it can be easy to try to push through. As a result, you could end up working until you are spent or shut down. I have found it helpful to take a break.


Overwhelm can easily happen to me when I need to make multiple choices. The most recent example is that I am tentatively searching for a new dog. There are so many different breeds out there, and it can be overwhelming. I have also taken quizzes and have never gotten the same result twice. And then when it comes to adoptable dogsā€¦ It gets even harder.


I’m trying my best to take it slow through the process, and take breaks in between research sessions. I’m also trying really hard to be honest about what I’m looking for, so that it will help me weed out the choices that might not be the best for me.


Are you in the middle of a project that is overwhelming? What things are you doing to pace yourself and make sure that you are getting all the information you need?

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