If There Were No One Else in the World

By Katie Corbett


I am a recovering people-pleaser. I am always looking for ways to figure out what I want, find out what is important to me, and accomplish those things.


I have pondered a question that has helped me do this effectively: “If there were no one else in the world, what would you do?” It is a very insightful question, and I have been surprised by the answers I have gotten.

At times, when I ask myself this question, the answer is something relaxing, like read a book, or take a nap. Other times it is something productive, like work on a specific project, or do chores.


At first, I was afraid that when I asked myself this question, I would only do activities that would give me the most pleasure. Asking myself this question has helped me trust myself, and recognize what is good for me in that moment without worrying about the opinions or expectations of others.

Have you encountered a question that has changed your life? Let me know; I would love to see it in the comments.


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