Keeping The Silence: Leaving Email Notifications Turned Off

By Katie Corbett


I am always looking for ways to maximize productivity and minimize stress. This past week, I tried something new that has helped a lot. When I got back to work after the holidays I left my email notifications turned off.


Doing this helped me realize that I am more productive when I can check my email at a time that is best for me. Rather than having a Pavlovian response every time my email pings, I can check the account when I have time and mental bandwidth to do any tasks necessary that might pop up.

I typically check my email mid-morning, again at around noon, and a final time later in the day at around 3:00 PM. This helps me stay on top of things, and make sure that I am not missing anything important without sacrificing focus time.


What new hacks are you trying to minimize stress, maximize productivity, and make your life better? Leave a comment and let me know.


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