Remember in December: Lessons From Quarter Three of 2022

By Katie Corbett


Throughout this month, I am reflecting on what I learned in 2022, quarter by quarter. In the third quarter in 2022, I took time off to visit a friend, planned my first fundraising event, and added a few more chapters to my novel.

in that quarter, I learned that it is important to take things at the pace that they need to happen. In planning the event, I did what needed to be done at the time that it needed to be done. I hadn’t been aware that more chapters needed to go into my novel until they needed to happen. And in terms of taking time off to visit a friend, it was important to take the vacation time when it arose and fully utilize the opportunity when it presented itself.


When have you done things in the time that they needed to happen? Have you made the decision to stop accusing yourself of laziness or poor planning and taking life as it has come? What have been the results? I’d love to know, so feel free to leave me a comment.


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