The Role of Music

By Katie Corbett

Music has always played an important role in my life. I remember beginning piano lessons when I was eight years old and guitar lessons when I was 14. Not only has playing music been a source of solace for me, but it has also inspired my art and other creative activities.



I am currently writing an urban fantasy novel. I use music to help me get into the mood when I am writing, or even when I am just brainstorming about the activities of my characters.

My characters also reference music a lot throughout the book. They have their favorite artists, their favorite songs, and the music that puts them in a good mood. They also use music to communicate with each other. One of my characters creates a playlist to connect with her love interest. Naturally, I created that playlist myself because I wanted to listen to the music that they would be listening to and have all the feels.



What role does music play in your life? How does it help you create, explore, and give back to the world? I would love to know, so feel free to leave me a comment!


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