Set Time Limits for Your Tasks

By Katie Corbett


A few years ago, I bought a latch-hooking kit. Latch-hooking involves hooking pieces of yarn into a frame to make a colorful design; my kit will be a cupcake pattern when finished. The grid of squares on the frame that need yarn hooked into them total 1600 in number. The only way I was able to make headway on that large project was to spend chunks of time on it, and limit those chunks to 45-90 minutes each.


The book, “52 Small Changes for the Mind,” by Brett Blumenthal, says that limiting the amount of time spent on a task can make its completion easier. Here are some questions to ask yourself about tasks to time-box.


  • What am I putting off?
  • Do I have a project that I fear is too big?
  • Do I have small windows of time available to me?
  • Do I have a deadline that feels looming?
  • What projects keep getting pushed to the bottom of my priority list?
  • When I look back over this time, what do I hope to have accomplished?
  • Do I have any projects at the back of my closet or under my bed?
  • What potential projects might I have that I keep forgetting to do?
  • What tasks do I see as a time suck and how can I limit my time spent?
  • What can I do to get started today?


I hope these questions have helped you think of a few things you can do to move forward on activities that you enjoy or projects that may have stalled. I find these questions helpful to ask myself each quarter as I’m deciding what business projects, hobbies, and social activities I would like to spend time doing in the future.


I’d love to find out what you’ve decided to start working on. Let me know in the comments. In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away at my latch-hooking project.


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