The Ultimate Success Tip: Give Them What They Want

By Katie Corbett


I have been publishing content on this blog for almost three years, and have been posting regularly on LinkedIn for almost one. You may wonder how I keep coming up with new content. It hasn’t been as difficult as one might think.


I saw an idea in “Free Marketing,” by Jim Cockrum, that sums up the strategy I use: Give People What They Want. I figure this out by asking questions and paying attention to the questions I am asked. Here is a list of methods I use to capture those ideas. Pick your favorite and try it:


  1. Have a specific file where you write down frequently asked questions.
  2. Keep a piece of paper handy when you are on networking calls.
  3. When you think of questions you have been asked, write them down right away.
  4. Make a point to ask people what questions they have for you.
  5. If you’re in a larger group, pay attention to the questions others have throughout the conversation.
  6. Talk with others in your field; sometimes in the discussions, you might find out questions they are regularly asked.


Taking the time to learn what people are interested in knowing more about, whether you are blogging to promote a business or just because it’s fun, will give you endless content ideas. I hope you find a wellspring of ideas, as I have.


Even if you are working a job and don’t run a blog at all, keeping track of the questions people ask is beneficial. It will help you anticipate questions and answer them in advance, which is sure to impress the boss. At the very least, having answers prepared will show you take your work seriously.


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