The Importance of Persistence: Following Up

By Katie Corbett


Often times, I am mystified by how many people don’t do an activity that could further their careers and personal lives. That is following up.


I’m sure that when Rachel Hollis wrote about persistence in her book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” she meant something along the lines of not giving up and following your dreams. I have applied her advice to following up with contacts. Here are some tips I have found helpful to make sure I follow up with consistency:


  1. Get contact info: It’s easier to make a connection if I’m the one making the reconnection.
  2. Create a list of those with whom I want to connect: This way, I will remember to reach out initially or reconnect at a later time.
  3. Create a schedule: If a person says they would like me to follow up with them at a certain time, I can write that down on the schedule. That way, I’m following up at a time that is good for them.
  4. Take conversation notes: Each time I have conversations with a business contact, I make notes of what we talked about, what they do, who they’re looking to connect with and how we might work together.
  5. I always ask: When can I follow up? This way I’m following up without being annoying.
  6. Keep it simple: Following up can be as simple as asking how someone is doing, thanking them for taking the time to talk with me, or asking them about something the two of us discussed during the conversation.


In short, remember to follow up. You never know what might come your way through keeping in touch with someone with whom you recently crossed paths.


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