How Blindness Benefits Me: Asking for Help

By Katie Corbett


At some point, everyone who owns a business realizes that they can’t do it all. It is important to hire others who can do a task faster, more efficiently, or with better results than they can. Doing this frees up time to do the things a business owner is really good at.


In her book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing”, Rachel Hollis discusses the importance of asking for help and not trying to do it all yourself. Although I am an independent person, I find it easy to ask for help. I think my being blind has helped me with this in the following ways:


  1. I grew up knowing there would be things I couldn’t do myself, such as driving.
  2. My mom, and others who are blind who served as mentors for me, often discussed hiring readers and drivers.
  3. In college, I had practice hiring readers and in-class aids to describe PowerPoint slides and drawings on the board to me.
  4. Because of my visual limitations, I am more open to admitting other limitations, such as my lack of knowledge about legal affairs or my desire to hire a copyeditor.
  5. I see my blindness as an asset because it has given me an open mind to get things done that I don’t need to do myself.


What are your limitations? Do you have any limitations that might enhance your perspective about asking for help? Instead of seeing these as a hindrance, list the positives that have come from realizing them. You never know what you could accomplish when you realize you do not need to do it all and that it’s OK to ask for help.


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