The Benefits of Learning About my Fears: The Do It Scared Fear Assessment

By Katie Corbett

As I made plans to start my business, gnawing feelings of fear followed me from training, to marketing plan development, to launch. I have found that knowing about a thing gives it less power over me, so I set out to understand why I was so darn scared.

I learned about Ruth Soukup when I was plotting the start of this blog. When she launched her book, “Do It Scared,” I knew it would be just the thing I needed to help me make sense of my feelings. I was right.

I started by taking the Do It Scared Fear Assessment, which helped me determine my top three fear archetypes. (Ruth’s research said that most people have three.) Mine were:

• The Procrastinator: The fear of failure, which results in an inability to get started.
• The Rule Follower: The fear of breaking rules or letting other people set rules for my life.
• The People-Pleaser: Putting everyone else’s needs and expectations ahead of my own dreams and goals, and fearing letting those people down when I pursue my own thing.

I’ll go into each fear and how the book helped me push through it in my own career journey in the next three posts. For now, I want to talk about the assessment and what that did for me. Taking the assessment:

• Helped me realize I’m not alone, since others in the book had the same fear archetypes as me. (There are only seven.)
• Helped me realize just why I was hesitant to get started.
• Pushed me to admit areas in which I wanted to grow.
• Gave me concrete actions I could take to move forward.
• Provided the motivation I needed to recognize when I was falling victim to that fear or set of ideas.

The assessment helped me put my fears into perspective and take action to follow my dreams. If you would like, you can take it, too. Visit I hope it is as helpful for you as it was for me.

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