Get in Opportunity’s Way: Where are the Places you Need to Go?

By Katie Corbett

People often talk about getting an opportunity because they were in the right place at the right time. What if you could increase the likelihood of that happening to you by putting yourself in the places where opportunity would likely come knocking?

“The Proximity Principle,” by Ken Coleman, suggests doing just that. Here are some ideas and examples of places that could put you in touch with opportunity.

• Join industry clubs.
• Show up at conferences.
• Go back to school.
• Get a job at a large company that is in the industry you want to work in.
• Visit meetings of networking clubs.
• Read trade or industry publications.
• Sign up for email newsletters pertinent to your desired field.
• Job shadow with someone you know who works in that industry.
• Volunteer with an industry organization or event.
• Attend community events where those in your desired industry might hang out.

I have gotten several jobs through networking and being in the places where I met people who hired me. While at events, I also met people who told me about the job opportunity so I could apply. It might take time, but this process works.

I have my current writing job, for example, because the photographer at a company where I was temping introduced me to his wife. I got her card, followed up and scheduled a coffee meeting with her. She became my boss a couple months later.

It might take some getting out of your comfort zone, but hopefully it will be enjoyable. Something might come from it, or something might not, so it is important to remember to enjoy the experience.

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