Creative Procrastination: Eat the Worst Frog First

By Katie Corbett

Everything that needs to get done will get done. That, and “There is a right time for everything” are two phrases that used to stump me. If I’m not working constantly and trying to do everything, how will things get done?

In his book, “Eat that Frog,” Brian Tracy says to do the worst, toughest things first and ignore the little things. Eventually, even the little things will become truly urgent, and they will get done. That idea has applied to my blogging more than I might like to admit. Here’s how.

Choosing the Next Book: I like to buy my books in batches. (I read digital copies and then buy physical copies once I decide to blog about the book, so I have it for my blog photo.) Book selection occurs on a quarterly basis, as I reflect on the books that have made a difference in my life and career. I pick the top three and purchase those.
Selecting the Post Topics: Early in the month in which I plan to write about a specific book, I go through it and pick out the tips and ideas I have applied to my life and found success doing. I create files for each post and put the title, my name and an idea of what I would like to cover in the post. That way, I can start writing when it’s time to write.
The Actual Writing: Mid-to-late month, I sit down and start writing. Nothing need be perfect or final. As long as I get the ideas out, that’s the goal.
The Recording: I typically do my recording after this initial post writing is complete. All I do is think of a topic, write a list of things I’d like to talk about and press record.
Editing and Uploading: Sometime the week the first of these newly-written posts will publish, I do final edits, upload, and email my virtual assistant to get the photos up.

This creative procrastination idea applies throughout the entire process. Instead of worrying about all the little things that I want and need to do for my blog, I focus on the one important task of the day. One day, that might be selecting and ordering new books, another day it might be writing, and another day I edit and upload. If it seems overly simple, that’s probably because it is. And sometimes, even if you might not feel like doing the tough thing, circumstances will force you to do it. This blog post, for example, exists because my phone, laptop and portable book player all have dead batteries and are recharging at the moment. I didn’t want to sit near the outlet, so I’m writing this post using my braille display, even though I’d honestly rather do it tomorrow. It turns out that doing the hard things involves sitting down and, you know, doing the hard things. They’re called hard things for a reason, but it’s usually worth it to get them done. And, as with what happened to me today, sometimes life gives you no other option.

At the start of each day, I ask myself: What do I need to get done today for the day to be considered a success? I hope you start asking yourself that, too. It might be to apply for some jobs, revise your résumé, or do something kind for yourself or a loved-one. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear about the success you end up having, so leave a comment so I can cheer you on.

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