Keeping the Mind Fresh: The Importance of Taking Breaks

By Katie Corbett

I recently rearranged my schedule from working five hours per day, five days per week, and am now working three eight-hour days per week. Since I’m working these longer days, I find it necessary to take small breaks to get everything done. What? Doing nothing helps me do more, you ask? The idea might seem counterintuitive at first, so stick with me.

Author Laura Vanderkam, in her book, “What the most Successful People do at Work,” explains that taking occasional breaks is a great way to stay fresh and keep your mind sharp. When I take a break, I do one of the following:

• Turn my chair away from my computer.
• Go say hi to a coworker.
• Grab a snack.
• Send a text message to a friend.
• Check social media for five minutes.
• Walk around the office.
• Step outside for a breath of fresh air.
• Make a cup of tea.
• Think about a word puzzle.
• Read a chapter of a fiction book.

My breaks usually don’t last longer than five or ten minutes, and they work wonders for my productivity. Writing is intense brain-work, so giving my brain time and space to think about other things ensures that I don’t forget an item on my editing checklist or miss an important idea or quote to include in an article.
Next time your brain feels stuck, try one of these break ideas. Even if you have a lot to get done, taking breaks will give you the mental space to do everything efficiently and effectively. Got an effective break idea to share? Feel free to post it in the comments.

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