Have Physical Reminders of Your Goals so you Don’t Get Diverted

By Katie Corbett

Often, people have a tendency to focus on what is right in front of us. We get distracted when enthusiasm wanes, when a project ceases to be interesting, or when something else comes along that seems more exciting. Having visual or physical reminders of our goals can help spur us on during emotionally dry times.

I first read about this idea in “Girl, Wash Your Face”. Author Rachel Hollis says she puts pictures on her closet door to remind her to keep striving for those big goals. I love the idea of having a collage or vision board. As a person who is blind, though, I knew pictures would not be an effective way to motivate myself. Here’s what I did instead.

• For motivation to keep working on my garment project, I wear my prototype every day when I’m in my office.
• To remember to complete one hobby each day, I have a notebook where I write my hobbies down as I do them, with a line for each day of the week.
• To keep prayer in mind, I put my rosary on a shelf right next to my cell phone, so I’ll feel it when I reach for my phone each morning.
• I have a notebook where I record everything I need to get done for the day; in addition to containing my list, it serves as a physical reminder of all I need to do.
• If I have to bring something unusual to work, such as a snack for a work pot luck, I put that item with the things I take with me each day.

Whether you use physical motivators like I do or create a collage of inspirational pictures cut from magazines, keeping reminders of your goals front and center will propel you to achieve them. What goals are you going after right now? What could you keep visible for motivation? Let me know in the comments.

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