Turning Failure and Mistakes into Success

By Katie Corbett

You might have heard about the importance of failure and learning from your mistakes. Often, it is our greatest failures that teach us how to be successful. In the moment, especially after a grueling defeat, it can be hard to keep that in mind.

“The Power of Who,” by Bob Beaudine, asserts that being able to move forward in the face of failure is an important characteristic of a successful person. Some questions I try to ask myself after failure are:

• In what ways did I cause or allow this to happen
• What happened that was out of my control?
• What have I learned about myself as a result of this experience?
• What have I learned about others, if applicable, after this experience?
• Is there something I can do differently next time?
• What are positives I can take from this situation?
• How has this situation made me stronger?
• What will I need in order to move forward?
• Who can I ask for help and advice?
• What could I learn more about so I can avoid this happening again?

It is my hope that by asking yourself these questions after a setback, it will be easier and quicker to move forward. Failure and mistakes are, unfortunately, a part of life. The sooner we can learn to work through them, the better it will be for our physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

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