Remember in December, Part 4

By Katie Corbett

For these last weeks of December, I’m switching things up! The question list continues with Part 4. Ponder on!

• Using 3 words, how would I describe 2018? Why?
• What did I do for my birthday in 2018? Who did I spend it with?
• What 2018 accomplishment makes me proud? Why?
• What is one new food or activity I tried in 2018? Would I repeat it?
• What are my favorite fiction books I read in 2018? Why?
• How have I changed in 2018? How do I feel about these changes?
• Who did I discover in 2018 that I wish I could meet in real life?

Do you have a favorite year-end reflection question? Leave it in the comments. Listen to the audio for my answers:

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