Remember in December, Part 1

By Katie Corbett

For these last weeks of December, I’m switching things up! I’ve come up with a list of 31 questions, and used them to reflect on this previous year. You could answer one per day, if you’d like. I hope the questions enrich your reflections as well.

• Who is one person I have met in 2018 that has changed my life?
• What struggles have I had in 2018? What did I learn from them?
• What is my favorite memory from 2018 and what was special about it in particular?
• What did I discover in 2018 that I want more of? What will it take?
• What is one habit that I formed in 2018? Should I continue it?
• What have I done in 2018 that made me feel older than I am or younger than I am?
• What is a ritual that I started in 2018 that I want to continue?

Do you have a favorite year-end reflection question? Leave it in the comments. Listen to the audio for my answers:

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