Fun Product Friday: DoTerra Hand Sanitizer (Review)

By Katie Corbett

Today is Fun Product Friday! On the last Friday of each month, I review a product that has changed my life!

Did you know that doorknobs and desks are the most germy places to touch? I’m not an extreme clean-freak, but this makes me cringe! And ninety percent of avoiding illness is the simple act of washing hands. Sinks and soap are not always available, though, so what can be done when you’re on the go but still want to keep clean? I found the solution in hand sanitizer. From sessions with clients, to networking events, to errands and hang-outs with friends, I’m always on the go. I never leave the house without this hand sanitizer from DoTerra. It smells good, is all natural and healthy for skin, and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on my hands.

Watch this video to find my review of DoTerra’s Hand Sanitizer!

Want to pick up a bottle for yourself? Click this link!

It’s not affiliated or anything. It will take you to my friend, Lark, who is a DoTerra Wellness Advocate. She’ll be able to answer any questions and help you place your order.


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