Home is Where the Heart Is

By Katie Corbett


Throughout my life, I’ve had various opportunities to consider moving to Denver, Colorado, San Diego, California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Richmond, Virginia. Each opportunity boasted an exciting new job, a chance to meet new people and try novel experiences. (I’ve also developed a great love for The Philippines and Filipino culture, and hope to someday go there on a trip, if not live there.)


In spite of these chances, I still haven’t left Madison, Wisconsin. I’ve often wondered what holds me here. Is my love for cheese and Culvers Frozen Custard really that strong? (Yes, it is, but I’ll save my rant about insufficient amounts of dairy products in other states for another day.)


When I read, “The Everything Career Tests Book,” by Robin Holt, I was delighted to learn they had a test for pinpointing the most desirable aspects of location. When I took the test a couple of years ago, I determined these eight factors to be the most important to me when considering relocation:


My Top Eight Location Requirements

  1. Friends
  2. Family/Significant Other
  3. Religious/Spiritual
  4. Public Transportation
  5. Cultural Amenities
  6. Education
  7. Community
  8. Varied climate/mostly warm


I know what you’re thinking. “Wisconsin? Mostly warm? Are you nuts, Katie?” I know, I know, Madison can seem like the Frozen Tundra on cold winter mornings when it’s five below zero—and that’s without wind-chill. Is Madison ideal? Nope. But having seven out of eight qualities isn’t bad. No city, as far as I’m concerned, is going to be the best place on Earth. (Not unless I can put all my family and friends in a blimp and take them to San Diego with me.)


It’s critical to evaluate what’s important and take those location qualities into strong consideration when deciding whether to move. For each of my potential moves, I’m glad I went through this process before getting somewhere and realizing I hated it. It saved me a lot of sleepless nights, not to mention the stresses of moving constantly and the time and money involved.


Are you interested in finding out the most crucial criteria of your natural habitat? Grab a copy of “The Everything Career Tests Book” and discover it for yourself.


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