Fun Product Friday: Jamberry Haircare (Review)

By Katie Corbett


Today is Fun Product Friday! On the last Friday of each month, I review a product that has changed my life!


This month, my posts have focused on changing your thinking. But what about what’s on the outside of your head? Shouldn’t you take care of your hair, too? I say, “Yes!” And with all-natural, yummy-smelling haircare products from Jamberry, it’s never been easier!


Watch this video to find my review of two of Jamberry’s outstanding hair products! I’ve tried natural hair products before with results that were “meh” at best, and I’m happy to report that Jamberry’s got the real deal! This stuff works!



Want to pick up a bottle for yourself? Click this link!


It’s not affiliated or anything. It will take you to my friend, Sarah, who is a Jamberry consultant. She’ll be able to answer any questions and help you place your order.



Update 10/24/2018: Unfortunately, this product is no longer in stock. The company has promised to release another hair-care line in the future. When they do, I’ll be sure and do a review of it for you.

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